February 19, 2016

Our three day week was focused on a new part of speech, verbs, and researching the Lincoln Memorial. Earlier in the school year the students were introduced to Inspector Noun. He quickly became a favorite character as we explored his job, naming people, places, and things, as well as the different kinds of nouns: common, proper, singular, and plural.


This week we met a friend of his, Sergeant Verb. Noun and Verb work closely together as First Graders are discovering. Nouns need an action and verbs need a person, place, or thing to perform them.

A Verb for Herb provided an entertaining look at just how important verbs are in our lives. What boring days we would endure if we could not move, eat, sing, run, and skate etc.

Next week students will create a new kind of fiction with their Fifth Grade buddies based on the characters Noun and Verb!

Students have quickly become proud Americans as we have researched the American flag, bald eagle, Liberty Bell, and most recently the Lincoln Memorial.  Did you know the building has 36 pillars to stand for the 36 states that existed when Lincoln served as President? The steps that lead from the reflecting pool up to the memorial total 56, the age at which he was assassinated. There are many fascinating facts to read and write about.

Next week First Graders will enjoy a special fieldtrip to the St. Louis Art Museum with Mrs. Burkert. Our final trimester will start with our first trip!

Laura Jacobsmeyer

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