Science Lab Fall update


  • JK students will enjoy their first visits to the science lab.  They’ll read Andy AcidBotanist BertColorful CarolineDensity Dan, and Ellie Electricity and enjoy experimenting on the science concepts they learn from each story
  • SK students will conduct investigations into what living things need.  We focus specifically on the honey bee life cycle and plants.
  • 1st Graders enjoy their study of mixtures, specifically soil.
  • The 2nd Grade takes a deep dive into plant life, from seeds, to the whole plant, to flowers, and fruit.
  • The 3rd Grade diligently works in the lab to learn about metric measurements.  In addition, they add on the next segment of our native prairie.
  • The 4th Grade will explore space.
  • 5th Grade Health will study nutrition.
  • 6th Grade Health will learn about body systems with a focus on the skeletal system.

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