Early Childhood Update

We have had a great couple of weeks in the Early Childhood room and have had lots of fun!  We learned about some different holidays.

The early childhood listened to many Thanksgiving books. They really enjoyed a book called Run, Turkey, Run. The students enjoyed yelling run, turkey, run when the turkey needed to run away. In the end the turkey was safe. The students also talked about things they are thankful such as people that we love and things that make us happy. They all had many things they loved and things that make them happy. It was so much fun to hear everyone’s ideas of what’s important to them. When we came back from Thanksgiving break, everyone had lots of stories to tell about what they did. Some friends traveled for the break, others got to play with cousins, and others stayed home and played with mom and dad. Everyone was very excited to tell their friends and teachers about what they did, it sounds like everyone had fun!

This week in the Early Childhood room we have been talking about holidays. The students have listened to many books about different holidays people celebrate. We read a couple of books about Hanukkah: Dinosaur on Hanukkah, Sammy Spider’s First Hanukkah and Light the Candles. The class enjoyed Light the Candles the best because there were flaps to lift and each page had a different Hanukkah tradition. They learned that a game played during Hanukkah is played with a dreidel which looks like a spinning top. Everyone enjoyed trying to spin it. We learned that potato pancakes are eaten during Hanukkah but instead of syrup, applesauce goes on top! It was fun learning about Hanukkah this week. Next week we will begin to talk about Christmas. We’ll see what traditions are similar between Hanukkah and Christmas and what traditions are different.

As the weather gets colder, please remember that we go outside every day we can unless it is 25 or below.  Please send hat, gloves, and warm coats.  Don’t forget to label everything, it will help make sure each child goes home with the hats and gloves they brought.

Thursday December 10 is the holiday performance and includes the Early Childhood students. Since the performance starts at 6:30, please have your child in the room no later then 6:15. For the performance, please no ripped clothes or sweat shirts/sweatpants. Please dress to impress.  The Early Childhood class is one of the first to perform and then they can go sit with their parents for the rest of the show or they can leave to go home to bed. Please let me know by email if your child will be there so I know how many students to expect. Thank you.

Ms. Sullivan

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