Early Childhood Monthly Update November

Happy Holidays from the EC room! The students have had wonderful times talking about their Thanksgiving and the family they got to see.

Our themes this past month were Fall and Thanksgiving, and we started our holiday theme.

The students learned many things about fall such as leaves change color because their job of making food for the tree is done and the chlorophyll goes away, some animals sleep most of winter to stay warm, squirrels bury nuts, like acorns, so that they can find food when its really cold, and the weather starts getting colder. The students went on a nature walk outside and discussed all the different changes they could see happening. Everyone’s favorite thing was to spot squirrels burying their food.

During our Thanksgiving theme, we talked about things that make us happy that we have in our lives. Some of the things students said were: happy to have mom to play with, happy to have a playground, happy to have trains, happy to have sissy, and happy to have ice cream. We talked about the different foods we might eat at Thanksgiving and who we might see at the dinner table. It sounds like lots of kids had lots of family to eat with.

We also started our holiday theme after Thanksgiving. The students will listen to books about different holidays that are celebrated around this time and do a couple of fun projects! Be sure to check the big board outside the Juniors classroom later this month to see one of our projects!

Miss Sullivan

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