Early Childhood Monthly Update May

The month of April was a busy one!  After coming back from spring break, everyone settled into the school routine quickly. 

During April, the students learned about spring, changes that happen in spring, spring time weather, and how things begin to grow in spring.  There was lots of discussion about the weather getting warmer, allergies and pollen, and rain.  We learned that when things get warmer in spring it wakes up the trees and flowers and they start to grow and bloom.  When we were talking about things blooming, we learned that while they bloom they give off pollen which makes some friends have itchy eyes and runny noses.  The students were all happy for warmer weather because it meant we could go outside without jackets and the sandbox was open on a regular basis!  When we finished talking about different spring things, we moved onto planting.  

The students loved planting! We planted grass, flowers, and vegetables.  We looked at the roots growing down and the stems growing up.  The students learned that when a seed is planted it needs 3 things to grow: soil or dirt, sun, and rain or water.  Since it doesn't rain inside, the students have had fun watering our plants that are inside.  The grass grew very quickly and it was neat to see the roots growing down to hold the grass in place.  We also planted beans which grew quickly.  We are waiting on everything else to grow but it's fun watching and watering as we wait.  
The EC students were able to spend some time in the Science room looking at the new bee hive.  All the students got a chance to get up close and check out the hive while Mrs. Breckenridge showed them the bees with pollen on them, the places where the bees were capping off the honeycomb where the honey was being made, and where the baby bees were growing.   It was fun! Next is getting ready for Mothers' Breakfast, making a special project for moms and after that we will finish out the year talking about butterflies, bugs and spiders.  

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