Early Childhood Monthly Update March

Has it been winter or spring?  February seems to be confused about what season it is. Luckily the EC class hasn't been confused. We know it's winter, but we've been having a great time getting outside to play with the nice spring like weather.  Read on to see what else we have been up to.

February has been a great month in the EC room.  We discussed Valentine's Day and had a Valentine's Day party. We spent a week cooking, and have been learning all about different types of transportation.  The students talked about different things and people they love.  Some of who the EC students love are: mom, dad, siblings, their cat, grandmas and grandpas.  We did several Valentine's Day art projects, such as making love bugs. These are bugs that love to hug and snuggle friends. We used cookie cutters and paint to make a pretty heart picture; and the students built their names out of hearts.  The students made a couple different types of cookies when we were cooking.  They learned to measure ingredients, pour the ingredients into a bowl carefully, and stir without making a mess.  It was fun but the best part was tasting what we made!!  The students are in the middle of their transportation unit now.  They are learning about different types of transportation with wheels.  The list of transportation with wheels the students have come up with is great!  They came up with cars and buses, but a friend said that there are wheels on airplanes, and another friend said trains have wheels, and from there the students started thinking of all sorts of transportation with wheels such as bikes, motorcycles, and even skateboards!  
They did a great job thinking outside of just cars and buses!  Next we'll learn about transportation that doesn't have wheels.  I cant wait to see what they come up with!

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