Early Childhood Monthly Update 9/1/18

We have had a great start to the year in the EC room!!  We spent the first few weeks of school getting to know each other and learning the rules and routines of the classroom.  

The EC students all settled into the routine of school quickly.  They have been to all their specials classes and are doing a great job learning to walk in a line or at least stay on one side of the hall as we walk.  The students worked on several art projects the first few weeks of school.  One of the art projects was a poster with their hands and feet on it, everyone had fun getting their hands and feet painted for this project.  There were many giggles as the paintbrush tickled their feet.  We also weighed and measured everyone.  The students had fun seeing who was the tallest, who was the same size as a friend, and who was the smallest.  Once we finished our getting to know you theme, we moved onto learning about colors.  We have done several color changing experiments and the students are enjoying all the different ways we can mix colors such as mixing play doh, mixing paints, changing the color of water and mixing the colored waters, and putting paint on hands and rubbing them together.  It has been a very colorful time in the EC room!


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