Early Childhood Monthly Update 5/1

What happens when Humpty Dumpty falls and there are first grade buddies and EC students around to help?

They put him back together again with a little bit of team work!  We spent April learning about the new activities in our classroom, nursery rhymes, and how plants grow.  There are many new  fine motor activities in the classroom for the students to work on.  One new favorite is bracelet making; students work very hard to string beads on a pipecleaner and, when they are finished, a teacher turns their work into a bracelet!  After a week of getting used to all the new activities, new house area items and new school area, we were ready to get to work. 

The EC students spent two weeks learning about rhyming and nursery rhymes.  We started with Humpty Dumpty.  The students enjoyed acting the nursery rhyme out before getting to make their own Humpty Dumpty with their buddies.  They did a great job of building him but then he went and sat on a wall and fell off and the EC students had to put Humpty back together again! It was lots of fun and the students did a great job with it!  Next, the students learned Hickory Dickory Doc and worked on their sewing skills by stitching together mice made of foam paper; it was lots of fun and they did great with it!  We finished our nursery rhymes with Hey Diddle Diddle and built a cow jumping over the moon.  All the students were given glue and got to use their muscles to squeeze the glue to build their cow.  They did a great job!  Since spring weather finally decided to come, we are now learning about seeds, plants, and how things grow.  We are all so happy for warmer weather!!

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