Early Childhood Monthly Update 3/1/18

February was full of love this year!! The students all had a great time preparing for Valentine’s Day, listening to fun books, and doing lots of fun projects.

The first two weeks in February were spent talking about things we love in preparation for Valentine’s Day.  Each day we had to come up with something different from the day before that we love.  Some of what the students said they loved were: their mom and dad, siblings, grandparents, pets, babysitters, cousins, and friends. The students did a great job coming up with new answers and enjoyed telling their friends about the different people and pets in their lives. The students did several Valentine’s Day projects such as: love bugs, heart caterpillar name bugs, heart stamping, and foam sticker pictures. 

After Valentine’s Day, we started learning about transportation.  The first project we did were making hot air balloons and learning about them.  The students listened to books about hot air balloons and watched some videos of them taking off.  They were all very into hot air balloons!!  We talked about how transportation is anything that gets us from one place to another and learned that all of us come to school in a car.  We also learned that many of us have bikes at home to ride. 

After a week of transportation, we took a week off to celebrate Read Across America week in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  We did lots of fun Dr. Seuss book based projects.  For example, after reading The Cat in The Hat we did a project where we had to build our name to make the Cat’s hat.  We also had fun with buddies and made fun socks after we read Fox in Socks.  We also colored Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham.  It was a fun, rhyming, Dr. Seuss week.  After Dr. Seuss week, we went back to transportation because there were many fun projects we still wanted to do.  It was a fun month!!

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