Early Childhood Monthly Update 2/1/2018

The EC students spent January learning about winter weather, penguins, what animals do in winter, and making a special project for Fathers’ Bbreakfast.  Although we didn’t get snow to play in, the EC students enjoyed doing lots of cool activities.

The EC class spent some time learning about winter weather and what kinds of clothes to wear.  We practiced putting on mittens and hats and some of the students are able to do that independently.  We talked about different winter weather activities like sledding, ice skating, and skiing.  Lots of friends said they’ve tried sledding before and talked about how fast they went. 

After winter weather, we learned about winter animals and what animals do in the winter.  The EC students learned that some animals take a really long nap and sleep through most of winter, some birds fly to where it’s warm, and some animals hide food all over so they can eat when it’s cold.  Everyone’s favorite winter animal we talked about was the penguin!  The students learned that penguins don’t all look the same and that they have different names.  We practiced sliding on our bellies like a penguin but we needed help to slide so we used wax paper; it was so much fun!  They learned that not all penguins live where it’s cold, some live where it’s warm.  We had a great time playing with penguins in the sensory table with blocks of ice. 

Next we will start talking about Valentine’s Day.

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