Early Childhood Monthly Update 12/1

November in the EC room was spent checking out the changes we see with fall and talking about Thanksgiving.  

The EC students had a wonderful time discovering and exploring the changes of fall.  They went on several walks to see leaves and to find acorns.  We talked about how the weather is getting colder and that when winter comes it might snow.  The students enjoyed finding as many different colored leaves as they could outside and loved walking in the leaves and hearing them crunch.  It was a fun theme. 

For our Thanksgiving theme, we discussed things that make us happy.  Everyone had wonderful ideas to contribute.  Some ideas the students came up with are their parents, their toys, their siblings, and their friends.  Everyone came up with something that makes them happy.  When the students came back from Thanksgiving break, we started our holiday theme.  Everyone is very excited for this theme and the activities we have in store.

Ms. Sullivan  


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