Early Childhood Monthly Update 12/1/2018

We were all very thankful for all that we had in November.  We finished our Halloween theme and moved on to a games theme where we spent a week playing different games in the classroom and using different manipulates to count.  After our week of fun games, we started talking about Thanksgiving. 

It was hard to understand the concept of being thankful so we talked about things and people we love and how happy we are that we know the people and have the things.  During our Thanksgiving Theme, we made some great turkeys with our hands and some tissue paper turkeys.  It was a fun theme with colorful art projects. 

After Thanksgiving, we’ve moved onto our holiday theme.  We started learning about Christmas and different traditions kids have at their house.  Lots of kids have different traditions for Christmas at their house–some friends have lights and a tree, others have a Christmas train that only comes out around Christmas, and some have an elf that watches them and tells Santa about it.  It’s so much fun to hear what the kids find important about Christmas at their house.  We will also spend a week learning about Hanukkah before moving onto everyone’s favorite theme:    Making gingerbread houses!!!


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