Early Childhood Monthly Update 11/1

Ghosts and Ghouls, and Goblins….OH MY!!

We have had a wonderful October!  The weather has gotten cooler, we’ve seen lots of fall changes, and Halloween happened!  The students in the class have enjoyed going on nature walks around the playground to spy different signs of fall.  One sign that everyone loves is all the acorns.  We have had so much fun finding acorns on the playground and sometimes we even find half eaten ones!!  We spent time talking about grandparents in preparation for Grandparents’ Day and everyone made their grandparents a special picture.  We finished up our color theme with a fun science experiment.  The students made different colored goop-yellow, blue, and red; and then they got to mix colors together to make a new color.  It was such a fun activity and the kids did a great job following directions and listening. The big topic this month in class has been Halloween.  Everyone has been really excited about it and has had fun talking about what costume they might wear.  We read lots of different Halloween books but everyone’s favorite was Big Pumpkin. Everyone enjoyed hearing it on youtube.  Another favorite was Ghost Hunt; the students got to act out this book and really had fun doing the different motions.  It was a wonderful month. 

Miss Sullivan 

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