Early Childhood Monthly Update 11/1/2018

The EC class finished a great Fall theme!  We had so much fun taking nature walks, observing squirrels, talking about the weather, watching leaves fall, and all the other changes that go along with fall.  One of our fun, outside activities was pretending to be a squirrel, finding an acorn, and then burying it and trying to remember where it was the next day.  We did not find any of our acorns we buried, but we had a great time trying! 

The EC class did several fun fall art projects.  They painted a tree trunk on a piece of paper and then put their name together on them in leaves.  Another fun project was our fall colors wreaths.  Everyone loves using glue, and all the students were able to glue the colors wherever they wanted.  It was so much fun! 

After our fall theme wrapped up, we moved to Halloween!  This was a very exciting theme, and everyone had lots to say about it.  They talked about their costumes, candy, and how they were going to say “trick or treat.”  We had a class party on Halloween, and we paraded around the school.  It was a great day!  We made some spooky art projects during our Halloween theme; such as, spider hand prints, ghost footprints, haunted houses, and tape mummies.  October was awesome!! 


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