Early Childhood Monthly Update 10/1/2018

The EC kids have had a wonderful month of colors and shapes.

We spent the first two weeks learning all about colors and reading a book that quickly became everyones favorite, Mouse Paint. The students did several color mixing activities such as mixing paints, mixing playdoh, and mixing colored water using the three primary colors from Mouse Paint, red, blue, and yellow. The students mixed two colors  to make a new secondary color. It was like magic! We also went on several color hunts in the classroom and around the playground. There are so many colors all around us!! After we spent two weeks on colors, we started learning about shapes.

We read a book called, “The Shape of Things” and learned that shapes are everywhere, and you can use shapes to build something such as a house or a train. One fun Friday, we used our bodies to make shapes. It was hard staying still but we made a rectangle, triangle, circle, square, diamond, and a star. The star was really hard because we needed lots of friends. It was so much fun to see the pictures when we finished!

Our next theme is Fall. And just in time, as we are starting to notice leaves and acorns falling off the trees on the playground.


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