Early Childhood Monthly Update 10/1/2017

We had a great month of September!!  The weather wasn’t quite fall weather so we enjoyed the last few weeks of summer, in fall.

September was spent learning about each other and school.  We did many All About Me projects including weighing and measuring height, decorating the first letter of our name, playing different movement games such as animal action, making a class quilt out of hand prints and paper, and really learning the rules and routines of the classroom. The class learned a name song where everyone’s name is sung and spelled. They all enjoy hearing their name in a song. 

Some of the favorite books were The Body Book which talks about what your hands can do, your eyes can do, etc.  The students liked acting out each page.  Another book everyone liked is What I Do Best.  It is a book all about what kids do best and when we finished reading it, we had a great discussion about what everyone in the class does best.  There were lots of great answers such as play with my cars, run, jump real high, eat candy, play with my brother(s)/sister(s), and play with mommy and daddy.  Everyone thought of something that they did best and were excited to share. 

We began our shapes theme and read a book called The Shape Of Things. Everyone really liked reading this book and we did several projects using pictures from the book.  It is all about how shapes make up different things we see…like a boat has triangles, a train has rectangles, and a house has squares.  We also went on a shape hunt in the classroom and will be doing that again; everyone had a great time!!  We have lots of fun things planned for October including lots of fun Halloween activities. 

Miss Sullivan

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