Early Childhood Monthly Update 1/1/19

We had so much fun learning about Christmas and Hanukkah during December.  We spent the first week learning about Hanukkah and the traditions that go along with it.  The students listened to several stories, created Hanukkah artwork, and learned how to play the dreidel game using gold coins.  Our favorite thing that week was playing the dreidel game. It was so much fun that we still have the dreidel on our toy shelf! 

The second week the students learned about Christmas and the traditions that go with it.  Their favorite book was, “That’s Not Santa,” where Santa loses his red suit and tries on several other outfits but none make him look like Santa.  Luckily,Mrs Claus saves the day and has a new red suit for him. 

The last two weeks were everyones’ favorite weeks in December.  We spent them making gingerbread houses and reading gingerbread books.  Each student got to create his/her own gingerbread house.  All were given a plate of candy, a variety of frostings from which to choose, and the freedom to decorate however they wanted. 

The houses were all amazing!!

In January, we will start learning about winter, winter animals, and different winter activities.  Brrrrrrrrrr


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