Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 5/6

Spring is here!! The Early Childhood students have enjoyed talking about all the fun things they've been doing with the nice weather.  The past two weeks we talked about how plants grow.  We also spent time talking about moms and making a special project for them for Mothers' Breakfast.

The students began learning what plants need to grow.  We have been focusing on flowers, trees and all the different things we can see growing outside. We saw buds on trees, flowers that were starting to bloom, and visited the outdoor classroom to see what was out there. The EC students discussed what changes had happened and how spring was different from winter and fall. They all had many good observations; some of the observations were how everything was green, how many flowers there were, and how many bugs were outside.  The students helped Ms. Patti plant the rotting pumpkin and now there is a pumpkin plant growing!  The students are very excited about their pumpkin growing, hopefully we'll grow some of our own pumpkins this summer!  We are going to continue learning about plants next week as well as start learning about bugs.  We spent the week of mothers breakfast talking about our moms and what makes them special, what they do, and ways we can show our moms we love them.  The students all had great answers.  Some of the reasons they feel their mom is special and the things moms do had many overlapping answers such as: moms read stories before bed, moms make good food, moms help you, they help put shoes on, they help with anything, and they are fun to play with.  The ways the students can show their moms they love them is: by saying I love you, giving lots of hugs and kisses, drawing pictures, and snuggling.  Everyone was very excited to have their moms join them for breakfast.  It was a fun two weeks.

Our letters the last two weeks were V and W.  Some of the items brought in were: a violet crayon, a whale, water, and a wiffle ball.  In the next two weeks, we are going to finish our letters and spend the last week reviewing and watching a special ABC movie.  

Have a great weekend!

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