Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 4/22

We had a great two weeks in the EC class!! 

We were going to talk about transportation last week but we got sidetracked and spent the week cooking.  Everyone had a great time!!  The kitchen had too many bananas and the Early Childhood students were happy to help use them.  The students made banana bread, banana brownies, strawberry banana smoothies, and banana ice cream.  The students helped find the ingredients needed, measure the ingredients, pour them in, stir everything together and scoop them into baking dishes.  It was so much fun! The students were all very engaged in this activity, listened well, followed instructions, and all tried everything they made!  Everyone's favorite to eat was the strawberry banana smoothies, their favorite to make was the banana bread.  They all were great at smashing bananas!  The students also learned that with cooking, comes cleaning.  Everyone helped to wash their dishes after we were finished cooking.  Cleaning the dishes was almost as much fun as cooking!  Thank you to Ms. Patti for bringing her ice cream maker in and to Ms. Truman for bring her Vitamax blender in!

The second week we learned about transportation.  At group time the students have been talking about all the different kinds of transportation they have used. This led to a discussion about what moms and dads drive. The EC students talked about how some moms and dads drove big cars and other moms and dads had little cars, some EC friends have both a big and little car at home. All the EC students enjoyed listening to stories and talking about big trucks. The EC students talked about different uses for big trucks such as digging, taking dirt and rocks away, carrying big loads and moving cars. We read My Truck Is Stuck, all about a truck that gets stuck in the mud. It was a funny book.  We made firetrucks, police cars and airplanes.  It was a really fun two weeks!!

Next week we will start talking about spring.

Have a good weekend!


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