Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 3/4

Dinosaurs, Loraxes, and Wockets, oh my!!  The past two weeks we have been learning about dinosaurs and Dr. Seuss. 

We started learning about dinosaurs and really had fun with it.  The students learned that they could fit inside an Apatosaurus footprint, some friends might have to scrunch to fit but everyone would fit.  The students learned about different types of dinosaurs and their names.  We learned that some dinosaurs could fly, some dinosaurs could swim, some walked on land and some ran.  The students learned two new words, herbivore and carnivore.  They learned that herbivores like to eat plants or salad all the time.  Carnivores like to eat meat or hamburgers and hot dogs all the time.  The students had fun deciding if they were herbivores or carnivores and decided they were both because sometimes they like to eat hot dogs but sometimes they like to eat carrots.  We learned that some dinosaurs were really big, like the Apatosaurus, and some were small, like the Microraptor.  We read about the Mayasaurus, which is a dinosaur who took really good care of her babies.  The students pretended to be Mayasaurus's and built a pretend nest in the classroom to take care of their babies.  It was so much fun.  The students did a couple of dinosaur projects.  They made a baby hatching out of an egg because we learned that dinosaurs hatched from eggs.  Then each student created a name dinosaur.  They learned about the Stegosaurus who had plates on its back to keep it safe and made a stegosaurus with letters on the plates that spelled the students name.  It was lots of fun!  

After learning about dinosaurs for a week, we moved onto Dr. Seuss since his birthday was March 2.  We read lots of Dr. Seuss books throughout the week.  The class favorites are The Cat in the Hat books.  The students like to talk about the things the cat does that he probably should do and how some of the things he does isn't safe for his body.  They all talk about how they would catch Thing #1 and Thing #2 if they were loose in their house.  We had some great ideas on how to catch them like: putting lots of candy out so they'd stop to eat, catching them with a net, waiting for mom and asking for help, jumping out when they ran by and having the dogs catch them.  The students were introduced to rhyming words this week.  We talked about  how words that rhyme sound similar and that sometimes made up words can be rhyming words.  This week we did some fun Dr. Seuss projects like one fish two fish using our hands to make fish, we made the bear from put me in the zoo and added lots of spots to him, we made the Lorax, and we ended the week making truffula trees for the Lorax.  It was a fun week!  Next week we start talking about St. Patrick's day, rainbows, and leprechauns.  

Have a great weekend!

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