Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 3/18

It's been a fun filled couple of weeks in the EC room learning about St. Patrick's Day.

We talked all about St. Patrick’s Day. The EC students listened to many books and participated in many fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts. The favorite book was a book on tape called The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever! The students enjoyed it because instead of being read the whole book was sung. For art projects the students colored leprechauns, dot painted a rainbow as a class, used scissors to cut paper and glue it onto a shamrock, and made pots of gold with hand print rainbows. Everyone enjoyed having a rainbow hand!  The students have all been talking about what adventures they might go on while on spring break.  It sounds like everyone is planning on having lots of fun!!  

Our letters these two weeks were S and T.  Some of the items brought in were snail, slippers, straws, snowflake, socks (that a friend called stinky so they became known as stinky socks), turtle, tent and tiger.  The students are having so much fun learning their letters and letter sounds.  They don't always know which letter it is or what sound it makes but they are working hard!

Have a wonderful break!! See everyone April 4th!

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