Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 2/5

Winter Fun!! Although the weather didn't totally cooperate, and was more spring like then winter like, the EC class still had fun talking about winter.

Although we haven't had much snow, everyone had ideas about what they would do if it were to snow.  This led into a discussion about what happens to animals in the winter.  So we spent a week talking about what animals do and where they go in the winter.  We have been learning all about animals that live where it's very cold, like the arctic, and what animals that live where we are do in the winter. The students have learned that many animals that live in the Arctic have a layer of fat under their fur to keep them warm. They learned that snowshoe hares change colors depending on the weather, in the summer they are brown to blend in with the ground and in the winter they turn white to blend in with the snow.  The students learned that some animals, like penguins and polar bears, go swimming in water that has ice in it.  We all decided that we wouldn't go swimming in water with ice because it would be too cold!  We talked about how the birds that we see in summer have flown to find warm weather in other places.  This lead to a discussion about who has gone to the beach and how warm it is at the beach.  After spending a week on cold weather animals, the students had to get ready for Fathers' Breakfast.  They all worked very hard on a special project for their fathers.  The students practiced catching pretend pancakes on plates in the classroom and in PE with coach so everyone was ready to catch pancakes.  Next week we will talk about Valentines Day and do lots of fun valentines day crafts.  And Friday, we'll have our class Valentines Day party.  Have a great week!

Ms. Sullivan

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