Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 12/18

It has been a wonderful couple of weeks in the EC room.  The students have learned a little more about Hanukah and Christmas.

The students made themselves into elves and had so much fun doing the project. Shouts of that’s me! And I’m an elf! Could be heard all over the room. They listened to Jingle Bell Christmas, which is a song about how great it is to give a gift and how it makes you feel good. The EC students thought up other ways that they could make themselves feel good, lots of friends said giving a hug is a good way to make yourself and your friend feel good. The students also listened to a story call Sammy Spiders First Hanukkah. In that book the EC students learned that Hanukkah is celebrated for 8 nights.

They learned that a game is played with a dreidel and that there are symbols on each side that mean nothing, half, put in and everything. The students tried to spin a dreidel but it was hard! The students have been talking a lot about their decorations at home. They all come in with many stories about helping to hang things up, the different lights, and trees in their houses. At group the students discussed what they wanted for Christmas and also what they wanted their friends and family to have. The students listened to Llama, Llama Holiday Drama and That’s not Santa. But everyone’s favorite book is Jingle Bell Christmas which, after being read, starts a conversation about why giving gifts and making other feel happy makes us feel happy. This week the project was making gingerbread houses. The students all enjoyed the process and managed not to eat any of the candy sitting on the tables. They worked very hard and were all very proud of their houses and excited to take them home.

Last week, we had the holiday concert. The EC students did a great job of going on stage and singing with the big kids. The students practiced many times going up on the stage, sitting down in their spot, singing and then walking carefully off the stage. They did wonderfully! 

Have a great break and see everyone January 4th!

Ms. Sullivan

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