Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 1/8

Welcome back!  It sounds like everyone had a great break.  The students came back with many stories about what they did over break.

We had a wonderful week getting back into the routine of school.  The students were all eager to talk about what they did over break.  It sounds like everyone did something fun!  We had stories of skiing, of playing at home with mom and dad, of grandparents coming to visit, of cousins coming, and of Santa visiting.  Everyone had something to say about what they did.  This week we spent time getting back into the routine of school.  Having had time off, we needed time to play and remember the rules and routines of the school day.  We had lots of new activities out to play with and some quickly became favorites.  One is the house area which has boots and shoes to try on, as well as, gloves, hats and coats.  Everyone is working on taking their shoes off, trying new shoes on and putting their own shoes back on with minimal help.  By practicing putting on hats and gloves, the students are better able to do their own when it is time to go outside.  Another fun new activity is the doll house.  Students get to set it up and play with it but also take turns with different items for the doll house with their friends.  Everyone has done a great job using nice words and sharing the dollhouse items.  It has been a great week getting back into the swing of school.  Next week we will start our winter theme by talking about winter activities and things we like to do in winter. 

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