Early Childhood Bi-Weekly Update 1/22

Winter Weather Fun!!!  Finally, snow has fallen and the Early Childhood students have been very excited to talk about it, play in it, make snowmen, and listen to stories about winter.

These two weeks in the EC room, the students have continued talking about winter. They built a snowman using marshmallows, pretzels, icing and chocolate chips. Before making their snowman, they listened to the story How to Build a Snowman. The story details what goes into making a snowman and, as the students created their snowman out of marshmallows, they retold the story. It was neat to see what details they pulled out of the story while they made their snowman. During group time, they listened to many winter books but everyone’s favorite were the ones about snowmen. Hopefully we will get lots of snow this winter so that we can all practice making real snowmen!  The students also made snowmen using stencils.  It was hard work to color inside the stencils but everyone did a great job!  Next week we will continue our winter theme by talking about what activities we can do in the snow.  

Our letters were K and L.  Some of the items brought in were kitten, kite, king, lion, fruit Loop, and lizard.  The students have all been doing a great job with the letter of the week.  Next week will be letter M.

Have a great weekend!!

Ms. Sullivan

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