December Fitness Fun!

We are running, jumping, and strengthening our way towards the holidays! Students are focused on quick starts, direction changes, and short sprints during class warm ups.

Add some jumping down, over, and across to build leg strength and dynamic balance. Then come the planks, push ups and curl ups! All students are focused on personal achievement- and they are working with challenge buddies to help inspire them along the way! In skill development, our younger students are developing bouncing, dribbling, rolling and catching skills. We'll try to bounce and dribble everything we can find. Students are learning to analyze what's easy or difficult to use and why. We'll play bouncing games that require imagination and storytelling.





Older students are in our team handball unit. Dribbling, passing, shooting, and spacing skills are our key elements of focus. Our dribbling includes control, speed, cross overs, figure eights, and spin move. Passing skills include stationary, running, and while jumping. Students are encouraged to create their own signature moves that prove to be effective and fun. 

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