December 2018

Students at Rohan Woods School have been very busy in the science lab lately…


  • Read Quirkles books Inquisitive Inman and Jazzy Jet
  • Experimented with how things fly 
  • Used chemistry to create secret messages


  • Continued study of animal adaptations
  • Created own animals with special adaptations
  • Created an animal that camouflaged into their “environment”


  • Carried out tests to figure out the components (clay, sand, and humus in different combinations) of their “Mystery Soil”
  • Collected soil from RWS and analyzed it to find its components


  • Dissected flowers
  • Investigated seed dispersal
  • Dissected fruit to observe that fruit is a “suitcase” for seeds


  • Continued to work with land and water interactions
  • Investigated streams, examined Earth’s materials, studied where water goes (groundwater and runoff), and pore space


  • Studied for cell test and took test
  • Started unit on Earth’s resources
  • Learned about the availability of fresh water on Earth, what happens to water when it freezes, and what causes water pollution


  • Continued to work on designing own experiment project
  • Carried out experiments and collected data
  • Started first draft of their multi-draft lab report

5th Health

  • Continued study of nutrition

6th Health

  • Started study of the muscular system


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