December 2017

Students have been very busy at Rohan Woods in the science lab…


  • learned about heat, problem solving, and aerodynamics by reading Quirkles books and hands-on experiments


  • experimented with how camouflage helps animals
  • identified how feet are adapted for different animal needs
  • created a monarch habitat for our monarch butterfly
  • experimented to find plant adaptations
  • learned how to use a double pan balance and experimented with the concept of mass


  • tested soil samples from RWS to determine what parts of soil are in the RWS soil
  • learned about properties of rocks
  • completed a mineral mystery


  • dissected flowers to learn about their parts
  • learned how seeds are dispersed and experimented with this concept
  • dissected fruit to see how they are a “suitcase” for seeds
  • reviewed for and took a quiz over plants


  • learned about and experimented with the 8 main moon phases
  • reviewed for and took a quiz over light and space


  • took a quiz over plant and animal cells
  • started unit on Earth’s resources
  • learned about and experimented with water on Earth
  • learned about and experimented with soil
  • learned about water pollution and completed lab to clean up an oil spill


  • carried out their experiments they designed
  • wrote and edited multi-draft lab reports about their experiments
  • started magnet unit
  • investigated poles
  • built a simple compass and used it to complete a scavenger hunt

5th Health

  • continued nutrition unit

6th Health

  • took quiz over main muscles of the muscular system
  • started nervous system unit​

Mrs. Breckenridge


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