December 2016

Students have been very busy in science class at Rohan Woods….


  • read Hallie Heat and experimented with the way sunlight is absorbed and reflected in dark colors vs. light colors
  • took a STEM challenge to create the tallest pine tree possible using only popsicle sticks and play doh

  • SK
  • studied different types of footprints to learn how feet are adapted to an animal's way of movement and environment
  • created our own footprints and identified to whom they belonged
  • looked at different types of leaves and discussed how they are adapted to their environment
  • learned how to use a double pan balance and discussed the concept of more and less massive


  • collected rocks and opened them to understand what is inside 
  • learned about the difference between rocks and minerals 
  • created rocks using model magic and inserted various items (pennies, marbles, etc)  into the "rock" to represent minerals
  • created geodes
  • learned about fossils and participated in a "fossil dig" to find a chocolate chip cookie in sand
  • extracted "fossils" (chocolate chips) from "rock" (cookie)


  • took states of matter quiz
  • discussed biomes and created books containing information about the basics of each biome


  • examined earth's materials and how they behave in water
  • learned where drinking water comes from
  • experimented with pore space in earth's materials


  • raced balloon rockets to test Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
  • worked to create paper rockets to launch using 60psi of air pressure

Middle School

  • experimented to learn the properties of different parts of soil
  • used their knowledge of the parts of soil to identify what was in their "mystery" mixture
  • discussed the importance of plants in helping to eliminate erosion and experimented with this concept

Middle School Health

  • investigated fat and sugar in food and how we can make better food choices
  • revisited the five food groups and how many servings of each we need a day


  • harvested our abundance of radishes
  • made and ate our yummy radish cake (think carrot cake, but substitute radishes for carrots)
  • covered our two winter garden beds with low tunnels for the winter

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