December 18, 2015

First Graders are wrapping up 2015 with a bang! Skills that were new just a few months ago are becoming second nature. From listening and speaking to following directions, students are demonstrating problem solving skills and greater independence.

Math strategies for counting on from ten to twenty using a variety of manipulatives, visual representations, and number sentences are moving students from concrete understandings to the abstract. Place value concepts are setting students up for future work with addition of two digit numbers.

Numerous and often confusing long vowel spellings are being practiced during reading and spelling. First Graders enjoy finding words that don’t fit the rule or spellings that can make more than one sound. Their application of these skills in context is building fluency while supporting growing comprehension.

First Graders are especially proud to be real authors! They have worked diligently over the past two months to create a special gift for their parents that showcases their written expression. Their final products surpass all expectations and are sure to delight and entertain mom and dad.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Laura Jacobsmeyer
First Grade Teacher

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