December 1, 2017

The Second Graders took on more responsibility this month as we entered the second trimester of school. They assisted their Pre-K Buddies in the Library, made Thanksgiving crafts, built words on the Osmo, and collaborated during Project. 

Here are a few other things the Second Graders worked on this month:

  • Writing friendly letters with correct formation
  • Spelling words with consonant digraphs and clusters
  • Reading orally with increased expression
  • Editing work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Identifying patterns in short and long vowel words
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Introducing strokes in cursive writing
  • Practice writing cursive letters that begin with an undercurve
  • Multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10
  • Skip counting up to 120
  • Drawing pictures to help visualize word problems
  • Determining what operation to use when solving complex word problems

Mrs. Meaghan Knobbe

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