Data and Probability

November was a great month in Fourth Grade!  

Our class has been working hard throughout the year in math, and now we are working on one of their teacher’s favorite things to teach: Data and Probability!  In this unit, the students learn how to read and interpret data from tally charts and line plots to find the mean (average), median (middle number), and mode (number that occurs most often) of a set of data.  To find those three things, the students must incorporate other skills they learned before, such as estimation, place value, and division.  

Fourth Grade also learned about stem-and-leaf plots as easy ways to record a set of numbers.  The premise is pretty simple: In the left column, or “stem,” students put the number that they see in the tens place.  In the right column, or “leaf,” they record the numbers from the ones place.  So, if your number is 52, the 5 is your stem and the 2 is your leaf.  

Lastly, students learn about outcomes and and probability as fractions.  Not only is this great to get them thinking about the likelihood of of something occurring, but it also gets them set up for our next unit, which is all about fractions.  

We’re all excited for winter break, but have great mindsets to keep working hard!  Way to go Fourth Grade! 


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