Class Update 11/2/18

Junior Kindergarten had a great time celebrating Halloween!  The Halloween parade with our buddies was so much fun.  The JK also enjoyed Halloween themed math this week.  We used candy corn to show order numbers, make shapes, complete addition problems, and show greater than and less than. 

Project time is one of the favorites for the Juniors.  We are working on researching our topic of community helpers. After compiling a list of community helpers we know we have asked a few to join us in the classroom and answer questions. The JK has been working hard to come up with great questions. 

In Language Arts we are continue to write “frog Jump” letters and are working on N and M, which are both challenging letters to write.

We have additional sight words to our list and continue to read pre-decodable books. Our new words are: here, is, and.


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