Class Update 1/16/2019

The Junior Kindergarten is enjoying getting back in the school routine!  We are launching a new Project about mail.  The students have shared their stories and experiences about mail.  We are a lot new words about mail and beginning to develop our wonderings about mail.  We are excited for a mail worker to come to our class and help answer our wonderings. 

The JK has added a new new sight words and reading pre-decodable books. We are working with new sight words: this, no, big, and small.  We continue to review and practice all sight words.  If you see these sight words please point them out.

During handwriting we are working on starting corner capitals U,V, and W. 

The JK is doing doing a great to stretch words and listen to all the sounds in the word.

In math we are getting close to our 100th day of school celebration. In preparation we counting by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100.

The JK built cooperative skills working in teams to build puzzles.

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