Baseball Fever

We will conclude our year in PE with one of our favorites, baseball! Students are working to improve their throwing, pitching, hitting and base running skills.

Our younger students are learning the basic motions for overhand throwing, and are working to incorporate a step for power. Throwing at wall targets and rolling hula hoops help build accuracy. Older students focus on pitching basics and using their stride for power. Two seam, four seam, and change-up grips are fun to practice!

Students know the difference between linear and rotational hitting, and they are using introductory rotational hitting technique in class. Base running skills are strong, thanks to spirited kickball games that encourage aggressive base running. Defensively, players are always looking to hold runners and prevent runs.

Some days we mix it up with lacrosse. Scooping, cradling, passing and shooting skills are developed through a variety of games. A favorite game for younger students is "Little Bunny Foo-Foo". Students appreciate the historical significance of this All-American sport!

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