August/September 2018

Middle School students spent four quick days on campus before taking off on their excursion to Marine Biology Camp in Canada!  During our time together we completed an important beginning of the year activity.  Groups rotated through five prompts written on large paper and brainstormed ideas about class expectations, learning and class rules.  From this session, each student wrote a draft of what he or she believes should be our five class rules for the year.  Finally, all ideas were combined to create one list of five rules that we agree to follow this year.  Students showed cooperation and thoughtfulness during this activity.

In Math, students began the year with the Unit 1 pretest to prepare us for learning.  In Reading, students completed book “shopping.”  Each student read the back of the book and the first few pages of eight previously selected books.  After reviewing, they ranked the books in order of interest for the year.  This list will contribute to book groups for the year.

We look forward to seeing all families on Curriculum Night which is Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 pm.  Please be sure to follow notifications on Bloomz!


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