August 2018

Students at Rohan Woods School have been very busy in the science lab lately…


  • read Andy Acid and Botanist Bert from the “Quirkels” book series
  • explored acids and bases
  • made hypotheses about whether or not white flowers will turn color in different colored water


  • explored the needs of an animal
  • learned about the concepts of “wants” vs. “needs”


  • explored and experimented with different scientific tools
  • worked collaboratively
  • learned what the term “property” means in science and identified properties of different items


  • learned about what a native plant is
  • explored the native prairie habitat in our garden
  • prepared for a field trip to Litzsinger Road Ecology Center to tour their native prairies



  • learned the three main units of metric measurement
  • took notes
  • worked with a triple beam balance to find the mass of different items in grams
  • estimated the mass of items before actually finding the mass

Middle School:

  • prepared for their trip to the Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick, Canada
  • took part in a week long, hands-on, intensive study on marine biology
  • have started preparing a presentation about their trip, what they learned, and how they used their leadership skills while in Canada



  • Our bees absconded in early August
  • We were able to get new bees a few days before school started, so the bees started the new year at the same time we did
  • Our new queen is out and laying eggs
  • So far, the bees seem to like their new home

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