April 8, 2016

First Graders are excited about our new reading books! They are reading from beautifully illustrated Open Court basals. Our first Unit is called, Keep Trying.  Students discussed the many ways they have had to keep trying in their own lives: tying shoes, riding a bike, reading, swimming etc.. When we do this we are demonstrating perseverance!

Perseverance requires determination, commitment, and drive, In our first unit there are a variety of poems and stories that illustrate characters facing challenges, but they all keep trying. The Itsy Bitsy Spider  is a familiar and enjoyable poem. First Graders understand that when the words "as told by" appear before the author's name that this is their version of the original one. Students practiced both oral and written "re-telllings" earlier in the school year when we read about legends.

Students are collaborating with their Fifth Grade Buddy to explore a new form of written expression, "How To" process writing. We discussed that common How To's are recipes, but there are an endless number of kinds of activities that require step by step directions and a list of materials in order to be successful. The final products will be displayed in the Great Hall. Following this project, First Graders have a secret "How To" that they will undertake on their own which will showcase their writing skills for the end of First Grade!


Laura Jacobsmeyer
First Grade Teacher


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