A Leader In Technology

Education is an exciting field in which to work due to the limitless avenues of instruction technology provides. Rohan Woods School utilizes the latest advances to explore, experience and immerse technology in learning.

Beginning in 2013, Rohan Woods School started an integrated iPad program that will impact every student in the building.  The goal was to increase the comfort level of ALL students in using technology.  Students are learning that the devices are user friendly for educational enrichment, but most importantly, they can be a tool for gaining knowledge and becoming independent learners. Each 6th grade student has his/her own I-Pad. The preschool and school age classrooms have a shared number of I-Pads that provide children the opportunity to explore specific applications selected by their teachers.

Additionally, Rohan Woods School is equipped with Intelliboards in every classroom. As part of the school’s wireless campus, teachers convey classroom lessons from their laptops and iPads via the Intelliboard using Apple TV as part of their everyday instructional methodology. Lesson plans can be expanded and interactive by way of a special pen that allows teachers and students to “write” on the board in a variety of colors or to “drag” numbers or words across the screen. The work that is displayed on the board can then be printed out for students to take home to continue their learning through their homework assignments.

In addition to the iPads, a mobile laptop cart that provides individual laptops for student use in the classroom is also utilized. Additional work stations are located in the library area within the Great Hall and iPad stations are found within all classrooms and serve as an integral part of their “centers” curriculum that allows even our youngest students to discover the world of technology in safe and creative ways.

At Rohan Woods, we are committed to strengthening the dynamics of our educational technology. We realize that by bringing these technological advancements directly into our classrooms, we are helping to inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

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