Pre-Kindergarten has had such an amazing start to the school year. The first few weeks of the start of school we practice rules and routines. The Pre-Kindergarteners are rock stars and are memorizing routines so quickly! We are also in the middle of our unit of "All About Me". Each student did an All About Me page at home with parents and returned it to school to present. The students are also making an All About Me book to take home as well. 

Routines we are working on:

  • Arrival – hang up backpack and place parent pouch in box
  • Morning meeting – variety of songs, when to sit and stand
  • Lunch – students clear their own plates
  • Nap – taking shoes off and putting back on, putting nap things away

All About Me

  • Everyone is unique
  • We learned how everyone likes different colors and places to visit and so on…
  • We practiced drawing our family (drawing people)

Letter A:

  • We started language arts this week with the letter A
  • We watched the Storybots clip on A and came up with words that start with A

Fun things that happened this week:

  • Fredbird came to school!!
  • We had a new friend start school this week!

 Other things to work on at home:

  • Let child put his/her own shoes and socks on
  • Using bathroom independently
  • Zipping backpacks independently
  • Counting 1-10

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