Pre-Kindergarten has had a fun past two weeks. We learned about transportation, a Triops visited us and Friday was Fathers' Breakfast!

Pre-Kindergarten learned about transportation:

  • Different types of transportation we can use
  • Read many books about the different types of transportation
  • Made a few art projects learning about cars and trains

Fathers' Breakfast:

  • All fathers or a special friend came to school on Friday for a pancake breakfast!
  • The kids had a blast showing off their school and playing with their dads

Triops Visit:

  • A student brought in his Triops to share with the class.
  • A Triops is a prehistoric sea creature
  • The students loved observing this creature all day!


Upcoming Dates:

February 15: No School

February 19: No School

March 21 – April 1: Spring Break

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